In addition to that set, you get two extra sets, both quick picks.
If so, we can offer you a lot of beneficial information.
2, the Texas Lottery Commission created an unusual contest for the Lottery logo designs from a contracted ad agency were pitted against designs from the general public.
The prizes are guaranteed amounts, and drawings are held at 10:00 AM, 12:27 PM, 6:00 PM, and 10:12 PM Central time Mondays through Saturdays.Kansas, powerball, Mega Millions, Hot Lotto, Super Kansas Cash, 2 By 2, Pick.The first drawing with the new rules in place was on Sept.The information is available 24/7.Ginther became a four-time lottery winner from 1993 to 2010, one from a Texas Lotto and three from scratchers.Powerball edit On October 13, 2009, the Mega Millions consortium and musl (the operator of Powerball, the other major US lottery game) reached an agreement in principle for lotteries, at their option, to cross-sell Mega Millions and Powerball; the earliest date agreed on was January.Delaware, powerball, Mega Millions, Hot Lotto, Cash 5, Play 4, Play.Apart from the numbers chosen in the latest lottery drawing, we also have an archive of past results.All payments, including the jackpot, are in lump sum.On December 14, 2009 the Commission held a public hearing, receiving comments on the proposal to join Powerball.

Players can select Straight or Box for either.50 or 1; Straight/Box for 1; Pairs for.50 or 1; Combo (4-way for 2 or 4; 6-way for 3 or 6; 12-way for 6 or 12; or 24-way for 12 or 24 and Sum.
Texas sales for the game began on January 31, 2010; the first drawing including Texas was conducted three days later.
1, contents, history edit.You can also find out whether the numbers that you typically play with have ever been chosen in a past drawing.Players choose: exact order (all three digits any order (two or three digits exact and any order (two or three digits combo (two or three digits; combo two is the same as two exact order plays while combo three is the same as three.Option costs 1 more per play.Each game is 1, the minimum jackpot is 200,000, and drawings are held at 10:12 PM on Mondays and Thursdays.

Matches Prize Category Prize Current probability of winning 26 2 of 5 numbers Fourth Prize Free Cash Five Quick Pick Ticket (1 value) 1:8 3 of 5 numbers Third Prize 15 1:75 4 of 5 numbers Second Prize 350 1:2,164 All 5 numbers First (Top).