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With his 741 in tie-down roping money at Red Bluff, Brazile has total all-around earnings of 91,553 and rodeos this week at Clovis, Calif., and Lufkin, Texas, to get him the 8,447 he needs to hit six figures.
The show has been selected as one of the pilot shows for aqhas new leveling program.
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Both scored a 217 and took home 26,438.
It's Hebrew for 'numbers' and is directly related to Arabic 'sifra French 'chiffre German 'Ziffer and English 'cipher'.
Gogo - In the play "Waiting for Godot there is a character named Estragon, nicknamed Gogo.
Cooper brothers TO make prca history AT national finals rodeo Three brothers, Clif, 22, Tuf, 20, and Clint Cooper, 27, Decatur, Texas, have made national prca history by qualifying for the top 15 in calf roping at the prca National Finals Rodeo in Las Vegas.Consignments for the upcoming Nov.The decision to lower the points was a result of the timing of the May 31 qualifying deadline for the Adequan Select event."David Plummer Spencer Plummer and Terry Green entered guilty pleas to one count of conspiracy.The 2012 pccha Stallion Service on-line auction includes some of the industry's greatest cutting stallions - and they're from all over the United States.