Drape Hang of fabric on the body or dress form.
Sometimes a stitch line is made play for free and fun casino slot machines just a hair from the edge of the raw edge and turned up twice using the stitching as a guide pokies bra less babes tumblr and stitched again into place.
Running stitch A simple stitch made by running the thread over and under the fabric.Sean and I both examined the feet and cannot see anything that would make the foot that comes with the machine stitch so badly. .Colorfast Holds color even when in the wash.Needle Sewing machine needles come in a variety of sizes and types - ball point and sharps are the two major categories.Never thought this would be a pro or con, but its actually really nice.Some bloused are made with pin tucking on the bodice for a more tailored look.Back to Top, b Baby hem, hem that is turned up a very small amount, about 1/8".Bobbin case The part of the sewing machine that holds the bobbin.A method of folding and then sewing fabric together resulting in a raised seam, often seen in heirloom sewing, the bodice of a woman's blouse or a man's formal shirt.Please see this site for a good example of how to hem in this manner.There are wing needles, wedge needles, needles of varying sizes and shapes, as well as twin needles for some fancier stitching.

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Butting Bringing two edges together so they touch but do not overlap.
It is best to prewash the fabric as it is to be cleaned and dried when it is in its finished form.
Bolt An amout of fabric on a tubular roll or a rectangular cardboard form.
Needle down/foot up option. .They can be used to mark pattern pieces for darts, buttonholes, etc.Take a small backstitch sewn on the right side of the fabric and do the remaining backstitching on the wrong side.For instance, a theater may alter stock costumes to fit various cast members, adding seams, taking in seams, letting out seams, etc.Please feel free to leave a Comment.Bird's nest/bird nesting If the upper thread tension on the sewing machine is not set properly or if a sewing machine is not threaded properly, thread can become tangled under the fabric.May be referred to as a 'welted pocket." It usually looks like a big button hole, made by placing fabric right sides together over the pocket opening, stitching and turning this in, then top stitching in place.