Now mash that circuit board on there and be quick to get it lined up perfectly before that glue starts to dry.
I recommend lots and lots of glue here just to be safe.
Coming in three designs, each a different color and based on a different version of the Dragon Quest game, relive your adolescent days spent with the classic role-playing console Nintendo game.Now line up the circuit board so two the outside buttons line up with the A and B buttons.Once you have that just drop gobs of hot glue on the inside of the hinge.When that's dry go ahead and get the appropriate angle for the controller to lean slightly back.However they easily pull back out without taking anything back apart.

Its not all gonna fit properly lotto 4 japan result otherwise.
Pac-Man business card cases have been available for a little while now, but they just recently rounded out the collection, adding the awesomely awesome 16-bit Sega Mega Drive (shown above) as well as some.
Once that is completed now is a good time to go ahead and put the two main pieces of the controller back together with a couple screws.First thing of course is to take the screws out of the the NES controller.So I used a whole lot of glue here.Measure out the length of the card and grind your hole in the top of the controller as well.Due to the space of the chip and speaker and the location it.Your not gonna be able to get these as secure as the directional pad.Do not think you made a mistake in seeing this.

You will soon see this partially backfired.
Unfortunately due to the setup and the way this is done you have to glue the batteries down so they will stay.