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It also left a fifth of the population in extreme poverty.
Extreme poverty, estimated to have fallen from 2009 to 2014, is now projected to have risen again substantially.
Everyone had become a hustler.Former central bank governor, Gideon Gono, who was the countrys chief economist, called it the casino economy.16.7 million the current population After a growth spurt after independence in 1980, a decline in birth rates and a rise in death rates saw population growth slide downwards.When a multi-currency system was ushered in 2009, which allowed currencies from Botswana, South Africa and the US to be used as legal tender, some people started using Zimbabwe dollar bills as toilet paper.

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According to the UN, this is a result of successful campaigns encouraging make easy money working from home condom use as well as programmes preventing the transmission of infection from mother to child.
About 27 of children under the age of five suffer stunted growth, with 9 severely stunted because of poor nutrition, the 2015 Zimbabwe Demographic and Health Survey report revealed.
This was as much as they felt about the government.
Mr Mugabe always blamed Zimbabwe's economic problems on a plot by Western countries, led by the UK, to oust him because of his lotto draw results south africa seizure of white-owned farms.Despite its worthlessness the Zimbabwean dollar was a scarce commodity.Instead of buckling under pressure, Robert Mugabes government came up with a brilliant solution: print money on demand.The programme that saw white-owned farms redistributed to landless black Zimbabweans - and those with good political connections - led to sharp falls in production.New York, north Carolina, north Dakota, ohio.They have telling names too Billion, Governor, Barclays. .It was easy to get cash in abundance from the men and women on the street corners, at trendy shopping malls, bus terminuses the so-called black market whose speciality was to spin or burn cash.According to the demonetization exercise, bank accounts with balances of zero to 175 quadrillion Zimbabwe dollars, for instance, will be paid a flat US5.

The CIA World Factbook estimates the rate was 95 in 2009, but says current figures are not known.
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