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# :47 AM link edit I wsop app missions would definitely stay anonymous and slot machines stands for sale poker take a lot of the advice listed above.# :42 AM link edit Great Info.# 79 My :08 PM link edit "MY 2 cents" Your comment reads like a Grifters grab and catch!# :17 PM link edit Add a Comment Your Name Your Web Site Your Comment.# :27 PM link edit I think if i won the lotto I would what to remain anonymous there are crazy people that would do thing to you and your family just to get some money or you never know.# :18 AM link edit Wouldn't another way to keep your identity secret be to change your name (legally) before you claim the prize?# :09 AM link edit comment:.# 48 Lawrence 01:25 PM link edit Why even bother wasting slot machine tips in final fantasy 13 2 your money in the first place?USA, texas USA, arizona Vermont, uSA USA Montana Kentucky USA Delaware USA North Carolina USA.# :15 AM link edit Okay, the only way that the winner of a lottery would be assured that he/she won't be killed by the first thief in existence in the state is to keep the information as confidential as possible.Play Free Bingo Games Win Real Money Online.

# 2, brian Carnell 11:25 PM link edit, yeah, keeping lottery winners names secret is definately legal in Ohio.
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# 174 Debbie Hall 11:57 AM link edit Its cute that most of the people that have commented are more concerned about if theiridentity will remain secret once they win.# :48 PM link edit I agree with the state of texas.# :27 PM link edit I was wondering?# :26 AM link edit may I do the right thing with my winnings!# :29 AM link edit After reading all the comments on "If I win the lottery" I find it interesting that almost all of us would be really happy if we could increase our income just 750.00 a month.# 67 Larry F 03:49 PM link edit It's too bad the majority of states will not let you remain anonymous or collect your winnings using a Blind Trust.# 8, paid Viewpoint, another legit survey site for teens.# 4 Dawn Nettles 06:50 PM link edit I really wonder about why people would go through so much work to find out who won.# :45 AM link edit it's because those who win the lottery are begged by the less fortunate ive heard many stories of lotto winners who are now in the poor house because they get begged by others, family, and even companies start suing them.