(Gottlieb/Premier)World Challenge.
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The following is a list of those Dead Beats who have not paid us: George Maggiola Chester, NY, carl Sanner Albany, NY, paul Noonan Albany,.
(Gottlieb/Premier)Q*berts Quest (Gottlieb/Premier)Rack Em Up!
This board is a replacement for A-18617!The Shadow, Theatre Of Magic, Who Dunnit, and World Cup Soccer 94).Football (Alvin G )World Tour (Alvin G )Soccer-Ball (Alvin G )Golden Cue (Sega )Hot Tip (Williams EM)Big Shot slot machine companies tokens (Gottlieb EM)Gottlieb EMCrocodile Hunter (Pinball Factory)Sky Lab (Williams EM)Triple Strike (Williams EM)Bali Hi (Bally EM)Bank A Ball (Gottlieb EM)Bank Shot (Gottlieb EM)Sure Shot (Gottlieb EM)Spot Pool (Gottlieb.(Williams)Joust (Williams)Jungle Lord (Williams)Laser Cue (Williams)Lazer Ball (Williams)Lucky Seven (Williams)Millionaire (Williams)Pharoah (Williams)Phoenix (Williams)PIN*BOT (Williams)Police Force (Williams)Riverboat Gambler (Williams System 11C)Road Kings (Williams)Rollergames (Williams System 11C)Scorpion (Williams)Solar Fire (Williams)Sorcerer (Williams)Space Shuttle (Williams)Space Station (Williams)Star Light (Williams)Stellar Wars (Williams)Swords of Fury (Williams)Taxi (Williams)Time Fantasy (Williams)Time Warp (Williams)Tri.(Stern)Roller Coaster Tycoon (Stern)Sharkey's Shootout (Stern)Spider-Man (Stern)Striker Xtreme (Stern)Terminator 3 Rise of the Machines (Stern)The Lord of the Rings (Stern)The Simpsons Pinball Party (Stern)The Sopranos (Stern)World Poker Tour (Stern)Algar (Williams)Alien Poker (Williams)Alley Cats (Shuffle) (Williams)Bad Cats (Williams)Banzai Run (Williams)Barracora (Williams)Big Guns (Williams)Black Knight (Williams)Black Knight.(Williams)Firepower (Williams)Firepower II (Williams)Flash (Williams)Gorgar (Williams)Grand Lizard (Williams)High Speed (Williams)Hot Tip (Williams)Hyperball (Williams)Jokerz!Playfield, etc)FlashFliers - LiteratureFlintstonesFlipper AssembliesFlipper Assemblies Rebuild KitsFlipper BatsFlipper BracketsFlipper FootballFlipper PartsFlipper Rebuild KitsFlipper Rubber RingsFunhouse PartsFusesFuses AGC (Fast Blow)Fuses gmafuses MDL (Slo- Blo)Fuses OtherGame BackglassesGears, PulleysGeneral Rubber PartsGladiators (Premier/Gottlieb)Glass - Playfield / TransliteGlass Tube DisplaysGodzilla (Sega)Gold rewards Specials/DiscountsGoldeneye 7 (Sega)Gottlieb CoilsGran Prix (Stern)Gun's.Fireball ClassicFish TalesFlaps (Ramp.Common Playfield PartsContact Us with IMDecalsCabinet Parts GlassCapcom Game Specific PartsCleaners PolishersAbout Us / Contact UsAddons, Playfield Toys, Modifications, Bling, etcAccessoriesAug 5-7 CA Extreme San Jose Pickup SpecialsMotors Motor Parts (Cabinet, Playfield)Miscellaneous Switch PartsSite MapSpecialsSwitchesTargetsThe Local SceneIndex - Game - Solid StateIndex - Game.DudeE-Rings, Clips, etcEarthShakerEight Ball DeluxeEject Assembly PartsElectronics ComponentsElivira The Party MonstersElvis (Stern 2004)epromsfasteners, T-nuts, Nuts, etcFasteners/Hardware (Screws, Nuts, Bolts, etc)Fire!Click on the thumbnails to see a larger picture., this is a,.L.M replacement Receiver board for the Williams/Bally WPC, WPC-95, and Pinball 2000 Games.This is a,.L.M replacement Transmitter board for the Williams/Bally WPC, WPC-95, and Pinball 2000 Games.

#WLL-A18617G Replacement Transmitter Ball Trough.00ea.
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This board is a replacement for A-18618!We refer to those specific few as Dead Beats.Janet Dalton formerly of Diamond Point,.(Gottlieb/Premier)Robo-War (Gottlieb/Premier)Rock (Gottlieb/Premier)Rock Encore (Gottlieb/Premier)Rocky (Gottlieb/Premier)Roller Disco (Gottlieb/Premier)Royal Flush Deluxe (Gottlieb/Premier)Sinbad (Gottlieb/Premier)Solar Ride (Gottlieb/Premier)Spirit (Gottlieb/Premier)Spring Break (Gottlieb/Premier)Star Race (Gottlieb/Premier)Striker (Gottlieb/Premier)Super Orbit (Gottlieb/Premier)Tag Team (Gottlieb/Premier)The Amazing Spider-Man (Gottlieb/Premier)The Games (Gottlieb/Premier)Time Line (Gottlieb/Premier)Torch (Gottlieb/Premier)Totem (Gottlieb/Premier)Touchdown (Gottlieb/Premier)TX-Sector (Gottlieb/Premier)Victory (Gottlieb/Premier)Volcano (Gottlieb/Premier)Barb Wire (Gottlieb/Premier)Bell Ringer (Gottlieb/Premier)Cactus Jack's (Gottlieb/Premier)Car Hop (Gottlieb/Premier)Caribbean.Last Batch of New Parts AddedSega (1994-1999) Parts/Info Game ListWilliams/Bally/Midway (1990-2000) Parts/Info Game ListStern (1999-Current) Parts/Info Game ListBally (1976-1999) Parts/Info Game ListWilliams/Bally (1977-1990) Parts/Info Game ListCapcom (1995-1996) Parts/Info Game ListData East (1986-1994) Parts/Info Game ListGottlieb/Premier (1978-1989) Parts/Info Game ListGottlieb/Premier (1989-1996) Parts/Info Game ListStern (1977-1984) Parts/Info.#WLL-A18618G Replacement Receiver Ball Trough.00ea.Change SortingName A-ZName Z-APrice (lowest first)Price (highest first)Code A-ZCode Z-A.